Burhenn's Pharmacy on East 38th Street is closing its doors for good tonight.

After being in business for 65 years, through three generations, Pharmacist Mike Burhenn has sold the business to CVS just down the block.

After following his grandfather and father into the business, the decision wasn't easy. "The pharmacy landscape now is just changing, it’s become a lot to manage for an independent," Burhenn said.  "We’re excited to be over at CVS, I’ll be over there in the building with most of our staff who will be over there as well so we’ll be able to continue to take care of our customers he way we have, we’ll be just like 100 yards to the west, but other than that hopefully everything will stay the same," he added.

On Monday customers were stopping in to pick up their last prescriptions from the family owned business before the move.  When the pharmacy closes at 8:00 p.m. all inventory and prescriptions that have not been picked up will be shifted over to CVS.

Some of the customers were emotional, they hope they won't lose the personal touch that they were used to at Burhenn's.

Julie Crosscut comes all the way from McKean to the pharmacy.  She's been a customer for twenty years. "They know us, they know my voice when I call," she said welling up with tears.  "They have always watched my daughter’s prescriptions because she’s allergic to just about everything...they’re friendly they always greet you with a smile, they’ll always work with us, if they don’t have something they’ll call around  everywhere else to see if they can find it for us."

Pete Freed, also picking up a prescription, said he will follow them to CVS, but it's a sad day. "They give you great service, it’s not as busy, you can always get things taken care of quickly and it’s kind of a sad thing to see the family owned stores going down to the big corporations," Freed said.

Mike Burhenn said it was difficult to come to work knowing it's the last day, but he believes CVS will offer more to his customers.  "They’re going to be able to offer our customers a lot more in programs and services...which will be beneficial for them, they also will have a much bigger inventory of medications so us being out of things and owing people things that should get a lot better," Burhenn said adding, "It’s sad, we don’t necessarily want to have to go over there, but we’re excited to be over there because we think it’s going to be beneficial and a win win for everyone we’re hoping."