Warriors to Washington honored Erie Insurance Monday for preserving history in its renovation of the former Erie Armory.

Erie Insurance renovated the space, transforming the armor into office space. The armory served as a home base for the 112th Infantry Regiment of the National Guard.

Warriors to Washington honored both Tim NeCastro, Erie Insurance CEO, and Tom Hagen, President of the Board of Directors of Erie Insurance. Hagen is a retired Captain in the US Navy Reserve.

"I like to see buildings that have character and heritage with our community to be restored and reused and this building is being re-used as a really state-of-the-art office," Hagen said.

NeCastro and Hagen were presented with a framed print of the Battle of the Bulge.

The group says it's a way to thank Hagen and NeCastro for their work preserving the Erie Armory.

"As you drive by the building, those members that have served here, it was their home, and now it's home to a business that's really a part of the Erie community," Joe Pfadt, President of Warriors to Washington said.

The 112th saw battle in the Spanish American War at the Battle of Coamo, World War I in the Second Battle of the Marne and the Battle of the Argonne Forest; World War II in the Liberation of Paris and the Battle of Hurtgen Forest; and supported efforts during the Korean and Iraq war, according to a release from Erie Insurance.

The Infantry supported relief efforts following Hurricanes Agnes and Katrina as well as the Albion Tornado.

The headquarters of the 112th moved from the Erie Armory to the Pennsylvania Army National Guard Readiness Center near Cambridge Springs in 2008.