Kelly Sieber was standing in her daughter's playroom last Tuesday when she noticed her neighbor's home billowing smoke. That's when she ran outside, checked with a bystander that 911 had been called and ran over to get her neighbor out of the home.

Everyone made it outside safely, including the family dog, thanks to Sieber who was nine months pregnant.

Three days after the fire, Sieber gave birth to a healthy baby girl she named Peyton.

After an emotional week filled with plenty of surprises, Sieber says she's grateful to live in a community that's so supportive.

"I actually broke down and cried when I was reading the messages from everybody just so sweet and so kind," she said about the feedback she received after local media reported about her heroic rescue.

However, Sieber doesn't consider herself a hero, "Everyone was saying how much of a hero I am, but I was just doing what I would hope someone would do for us if we were in that situation."

Now, the Siebers are hoping to resume life as normal, but with the small addition of their newborn baby.