As crews in Paris continue to clean up after the Notre Dame Cathedral fire and look toward rebuilding, those here in Erie are remembering their time, visiting the historic landmark.

"Our hearts are praying for and with all the people in Paris, and really all around the world with people who believe and are inspired by that iconic and beautiful inspiring building,"said Communication Director for the Diocese of Erie, Anne-Marie Welsh.  

Welsh said she visited the Notre Dame Cathedral several times with her family and that it was always a highlight from their trips to Paris.

"My mom made a point to pray with each of the grandchildren in front of the statue of Notre Dame our Lady of Paris," Welsh said.  "Boy I'm sure glad that we had that opportunity."

The iconic symbol of Paris also drew tourist Father Micheal Kesicki.

"Lots of great memories of the cathedral," he said. "Much gratitude for the warmth, the reception, hospitality."

While the tragedy is hurting the hearts of many, Father Kesicki said they're remaining hopeful.

"Paris is a strong city and people come together," Kesicki said. "There's a rich and deep faith and somehow I know that something beautiful will come from all this.