MenajErie Studio is a video production company that has been making a wide variety of videos since 2013.

The company began in a garage, and now has offices and a studio in the Renaissance Center in downtown Erie, serving clients in Erie and around the country.

The company has just four employees. But the small, tight knit group know that working as a team, leads to success.

Managing Partner Nick Taylor said, "We just work as one unit, as one creative vehicle to produce really authentic videos."

What does that mean?

Well, basically MenajErie takes a documentary approach, even to short videos and commercials.

Managing Partner Jessica Yochim Taylor said, "We tend to approach our video work through interviews and trying to capture an organic feel about our clients."

And husband and wife managing partners Nick Taylor and Jessica Yochim Taylor think the key is establishing a good relationship with their clients.

Nick Taylor said, "Communication is the key. We pride ourselves on really making sure we are staying in touch and getting approval along the way so that the end product is exactly what they envisioned from the beginning.'

Right now most of the company's work is for local clients. But the company hopes to expand its reach in the years ahead.

Jessica Yochim Taylor said, "In the future, I think we are going to expand our business outside of Erie. We will always call Erie home and be based out of Erie, but we all like to travel and we'd like to gear our business to allow that to happen."