F3 Metalworx was formed last summer when three companies came together.

Operations are now split between facilities in Millcreek and North East.

But all parts of the firm work closely together to serve customers all over the world.

The metal fabrication shop is a busy place, making metal parts and components from stainless steel, aluminum and carbon.

The products mainly made for customers in the medical, electronics and transportation areas.

Some designed and engineered by customers, others planned by F3.

Plant Manager Steve Dusicsko said, "It can be anything from a small stainless clip to a big tank. Really all sizes, depending on what comes through the door."

While the Millcreek facility handles the fabricating, the North East complex does powder coating.

Metal parts made by F3 and other companies get a protective coasting applied, then baked on in a giant oven.

The North East plant also produces metal shelving systems widely used in retail stores. And F3 is now branching out introducing versatile shelving systems for consumers.

And the company is also developing more new products ranging from metal signs to dock steps for boaters.

President & CEO Jason Paglia said, "The whole idea of building on our products is really leveraging what we already know how to do in house, and leveraging the power of the three divisions."