Here's what you can expect for your week ahead!  This is the last full week of April, and then we'll be moving onto May.  It's amazing how fast time flies!  We're expecting more consistent springtime temperatures for this upcoming week.  Let's begin!

It was a wet and soggy Easter weekend.  Thankfully, we'll begin the new week on a nicer note!  This week will begin with more sunshine and temperatures into the 60's.  High Pressure will be building in on Monday afternoon, which means dry and clear conditions for us on Monday (image courtesy of NOAA WPC).

As we head towards Tuesday, a cold front will be approaching from the west, bringing increased chances for showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday afternoon.  Right now, it doesn't look like anything major, but you can expect a few areas to see some lightning and strong winds.  Right now, the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center labels us under a "general thunderstorm" risk for Tuesday, which is everything shaded in light green on the map below (image courtesy of NOAA SPC).  We'll watch and see if anything changes, but right now, it looks like we will be lacking the right amount of energy to cause storms to grow into the "severe" category.  After this round of storms moves through on Tuesday, things will be drying up nicely for Wednesday as High Pressure builds back in!

Tuesday will definitely be the warmest day this week.  Temperature anomalies could be 10-15 degrees above normal for Tuesday afternoon (image courtesy of Pivotal Weather).  What does that mean?  A temperature anomaly is simply how high or low the temperature will be compared to normal.  Our normal daytime temperature for this time of year is 59 degrees, so we could see temperatures climb into the mid-to-upper 70's on Tuesday!

 Another factor we have to consider this time of year with temperatures is the direction of the winds.  On Tuesday, the winds will be blowing from the southwest.  Notice on the image below, there are a bunch of wind barbs on the map (image courtesy of Pivotal Weather).  On each wind barb over Northwest PA, the direction is pointing towards the northeast, which means the winds will be blowing from the southwest.  This is important, because this is a warm wind direction for us... especially for areas along the lake shore.  Stay tuned for an upcoming post about why this wind direction is so warm for us!

Looking ahead towards next weekend, the weather looks quiet with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees.  Next weekend is also looking fairly sunny.  Enjoy the last full week of April!