An arbitrator has ruled that Albion Police Chief Dan Ries will not receive the pay he lost while serving a two suspensions last year. 

Ries was suspended by Albion Borough Council for overcharges on his borough-issued cell phone.  The overcharges occurred in March but the vote to suspend Ries did not take place until June.  Ries agreed in March to pay the $650 council said he owed in overcharges.  Ries' attorney later claimed the overcharges totaled only $35.

Ries returned to work after serving 10 days off without pay, but was immediately suspended again for reporting for work too early.  Ries believed the suspension covered 10 calendar days, however council declared the suspension was for 10 working days.  Ries second suspension totaled 12 working days.

Ries' appeal eventually went to arbitration.  He was asking for the return of the $650 he paid for the overcharges, and payment for the salary he lost during both suspensions.  Those requests were denied.  The arbitrator did rule that the first suspension be removed from the borough's disciplinary file. The second suspension will not be removed.

The chief's suspensions angered many citizens.  Sam Steff, President of Albion Borough Council, says it's time for everyone to move on.

"Hopefully we can put this behind us and bring the community back together," he said.