Two more human bones were found Monday in Frontier Park after Cub Scouts first found a skull and other human remains in early April along Cascade Creek.

Fire department divers, police and search and rescue dogs discovered the new evidence less than a week after Mercyhurst University students recovered at least five bones on Thursday.

Cub Scouts who were cleaning the park discovered the human skull on April 6. Investigators responded in the following days and found several other human remains.

They believe it is a white male in his 40s or 50s. Police are using the teeth and comparing them with missing person cases and potential dental records in an effort to find who the remains belong to and how they got to the park.

Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny told Erie News Now they took the 13 bags of garbage that the Cub Scouts collected during the cleanup at the park and sifted through all the bags. He said they kept one bag of what they believe is potential evidence.