City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember returned to work at Erie City Hall on Tuesday after spending eight days in sister city in Zibo, China.

The mayor went along with a contingent from Erie to build a relationship with our sister city.

The group, which included the City's director of economic development visited the Great Wall of China.

Mayor Schember also made presentations about Erie, met with government leaders and visited hospitals, along with factories, high schools and colleges.

It was a busy schedule, and the first time a contingent with the City of Erie has visited its sister city in China in 12 years.

"It was incredible - the most incredible week I've ever spent in my week, to be very honest," said Schember. "I feel like we've built a very strong relationship. The next step is we'd like to get them to come over here to visit. This week, I'll be sending a formal invitation."

The mayor hopes building this relationship will spark economic growth in Erie.