It's time again to look ahead at another week!  Unfortunately, it's looking like another unsettled stretch of days ahead.  Just about every day has a chance at some shower activity.  Temperatures should remain around average throughout the week.  Let's break it down!

The first half of Monday is looking dry, but a warm front will begin to lift North on Monday afternoon, creating some more rain chances.  That same front will hang around through the remainder of the week, which is why our weather will be so unsettled!  We shouldn't have any flooding rains, but it will be pretty steady at times.  Below is the surface forecast for Monday afternoon, courtesy of NOAA Weather Prediction Center.  Notice how that warm front is draped across central Ohio on Monday.  It will continue to move closer into our region throughout the rest of the week, and it'll be parked right on top of us on Wednesday and Thursday.


It was a very cold weekend, but it's looking like temperatures will warm up to around average for the new week.  The jet stream can often give us a good idea at what the temperature trend will be like.  When the jet stream is to our north, we can expect warmer weather.  When the jet stream is to our south, we can expect colder weather.  Throughout this upcoming week, the jet stream will be to our north, so we can expect a break in the really cold temperatures that we saw all weekend.  The jet stream can be seen in the streak of yellow, red and purple colors in the image below.  Temperatures will only stay in the 60's though because we'll be cloudy and rainy all week, but at least its an improvement over the 30's and 40's from the weekend!

 It's never too early to look ahead towards the next weekend, right?  As of now, it's looking good!  Rain chances will be very low next Saturday and Sunday, but it does look like temperatures will be on the cooler side.  Below is a look at GFS temperature anomalies (anomaly means departure from normal) for next Saturday.  Notice the blue colors in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  That means this computer model is suggesting that temperatures will be lower than normal for next Saturday.  The same will be the case for next Sunday as well.  Unfortunately, it's looking like a chilly first weekend of May.  Oh well... on the bright side, it should be sunny and mostly dry!  Just make sure that you have that warmer jacket close by.

On a side note... the average temperatures for the first week of May are in the lower-to-middle 60's, but the average temperatures for the last week of May are in the lower 70's!  Things will begin to warm up soon!  Keep thinking warm thoughts... Summer will be here before you know it.

-Meteorologist Joe Curtis

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