Great Lakes Case & Cabinet is a family owned business that has been serving customers around the world since 1985.

It makes and assembles metal racks and enclosures used to house critical data communications equipment like computer servers.

The products are manufactured in a facility in Corry. The assembly and shipping is done from a complex in Edinboro.

Director of Product Development Bill Santucci said, "Every cabinet is not the same. Every customer is not the same. So we actually listen to our customers and provide a great service of being able to build their exact enclosure within their specifications."

But often, Great Lakes takes it one step further by installing equipment and connections inside the racks needed to support the servers and other equipment.

President Jon Markley said, "Really from day one this company was created with a focus on taking care of customers and going above and beyond to do that. So today that is ingrained from the very bottom of the organization to the very top."

The racks are shipped to customers all over the world. And the process often happens very quickly.

Production Supervisor Dan Abbott said, "Generally we get the order that morning and it will ship out that afternoon if we have everything to ship with."

And each year the company is filling more and more orders.

Markley said, "It could not be a better time to be playing in this market. The growth is really there. and we expect that to continue."