It's time again to look ahead to another week!  This week is looking pretty unsettled with rain chances throughout much of the week.  Let's begin!

Monday will be the nicest day this week, by far!  Sunshine will be abundant as high pressure builds into the region.  Take a look at the surface forecast map for Monday afternoon below (courtesy of NOAA Weather Prediction Center).  Notice how High Pressure is over Eastern Kentucky on Monday afternoon.  High Pressure always impacts a wide area, so we'll be under the influence of nice conditions on Monday here in Northwest PA and Western NY.

 On Tuesday afternoon, a cold front will begin to approach us from the west.  That'll cause our rain chances to increase once again on Tuesday, so keep the umbrellas handy!  Tuesday isn't really looking like much of a soaker though.  This will be a quick moving system that will just drop a few scattered showers through the day.  I'm not expecting a washout on Tuesday.

The higher chances of rain come on Wednesday and Thursday.  That's when we could be seeing moderate-to-heavy rain across the region.  Notice how the GFS model puts a few yellow contours over Lake Erie on Thursday morning.  That signals heavy rain, and it's pretty close to Northwest PA.  We'll have to keep an eye on it, but for now, your Thursday morning commute is looking very wet with widespread rain across the region.

Temperatures will be variable this week too, all depending on how the winds set up.  If winds are coming from the south, temperatures will soar throughout the afternoon and we'll end up with a really warm day.  But, if winds are coming from the north, temperatures will be chilly along the lake-shore because of the cold lake temperatures.  That's the tricky thing about Spring, because it's really difficult to predict exactly where those winds will be coming from.  Winds will be more northerly on Tuesday and Wednesday, but they'll begin to shift toward a more southerly direction on Thursday.  Because of that. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the chilliest days this week, but temperatures will jump back up into the upper 60's.

There you go!  Unfortunately, it is looking like a gloomy week, but at least daytime temperatures will be hovering in the 60's!  We're making progress.

-Meteorologist Joe Curtis