Five experienced local hair stylists joined forces a little more than a year ago to open Studio 818 along West 8th Street in Millcreek.

And business has been steadily growing.

Co-owner Jennifer Powierza says everyone works hard to make customers feel welcome and relaxed.

She said, "We have a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Everybody comes in and as soon as they walk in the door, they just kind of relax."

Studio 818 is the brainchild of Ashley Beers, one of the five co-owners of the business.

She said,"I found some talented stylists in the area, some I knew, some i didn't. and asked them if they wanted to join me as a partner."

Each of the stylists brought many loyal customers with them when they formed Studio 818. But since then business has increased with many of the new customers coming through referrals."

Co-owner Andrea Rish works with both old and new clients, developing close relationships with many of them.

She said, "We see them through births, marriages, dating, all kinds of things. We've helped clients dealing with cancer."

Andrea says she gets a lot of personal satisfaction from seeing clients reaction to her work.

She said, "The best thing is having a client look in a mirror after you are done styling them, with a big smile on their face, saying they love their hair or they walk out of here feeling a lot more comfortable  than when they walked in. It is rewarding."

The stylists spend a lot of time watching trends and keeping up to date on new techniques.