A new partnership between the Erie School District and Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation will bring the region's first Afrocentric curriculum to Erie.

Starting in September the Eagle's Nest Program of Academic Distinction will offer fifth and sixth grades student a chance to study English, math, science and social studies in the Afrocentric program. Though the students from all races are eligible to enroll. Students will also be provided with individual mentors and be taught music, art, and education at the Boys and Girls Club of Erie. Classes will be taught by Erie's Public School teachers.

"I call it the dream team of educators and administrators coming together to think outside the box and provide this academic program of distinction to all those who want to be a part of it." Bishop Dwane Brock, CEO of Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation, said.

Two open houses for the program will be held this upcoming Monday, May 13th for students entering fifth grade, and Tuesday, May 14th for students entering the sixth grade. Both events will be held at the Flight of the Eagle Banquet Center, 1125 Pennsylvania Ave.