Hopefully, everyone had a great weekend!  The weather wasn't so great... temperatures didn't make it out of the 50's on Saturday or Sunday.  Thankfully, temperatures will warm back into the 60's and maybe even the 70's as we head into the second full week of May.  Let's begin!

The week will begin chilly and gloomy as Low Pressure sits over our area through Tuesday afternoon.  This will continue to generate shower chances for us through the next few days, and the clouds will also keep our temperatures below average.  Our average daytime temperatures for this time of year are in the middle-60's, and we'll be a far cry from that on Monday and Tuesday.  Keep the umbrella and warm jacket nearby!

On Wednesday, Low Pressure scoots out and High Pressure builds in from the South (sitting over Eastern Tennessee on the image below).  Remember, High Pressure is responsible for comfortable, pleasant conditions for us.  Temperatures should warm back into the 60's again on Wednesday and we should be experiencing a good amount of sunshine.

Our next shot at thunderstorms will be on Friday afternoon.  Temperatures will be in the 60's and 70's on Friday, and things will be heating up during the day for a few afternoon thunderstorms.  Below is an image of the jet stream for Friday afternoon.  The strong parts of the jet stream, marked by the red and orange colors, is called the jet streak.  Because Northwest PA is just south of the jet streak, we'll have to keep an eye on a few of those storms to be strong or severe.  A lot of other ingredients have to come together, but we'll be watching to see how everything evolves!  For now, stay tuned.

Meteorologist Joe Curtis