WARNING: Some may find the following details disturbing.

Pennsylvania State Police are investigating an animal cruelty case after a cat that was hit by a vehicle was later beaten and killed in Forest County.

Two 17 year olds were traveling south on State Route 36 in Tylersburg when a cat suddenly ran into the road and was inadvertently hit by their vehicle, State Police said.

The cat, which was reportedly only injured and still alive, was thrown into the bed of a pickup truck and taken several miles to a garage on Route 66 in Marienville, according to troopers.

The animal was taken out of the bed and thrown aggressively against the front wall of a wooden garage, investigators said. It was then taken into the garage where it was disturbingly beat and tortured while being repeatedly hit to death with a metal splitting maul, according to State Police.

The incident was all video recorded by the other male juvenile, troopers said.

The cat was then tossed into a wooden area behind the garage.

State Police said the investigation is ongoing, and prosecution is pending.