State Police fire marshals today started their investigation into a major fire in downtown Cambridge Springs.

The fire began around 7 p.m. Sunday heavily damaging a two story commercial building built in the late 1800's.

But fire walls kept it from spreading to adjoining buildings.

Cambridge Springs VFD Chief Chris  French said, "So that helped us a lot, kept the fire from spreading sideways."

At the height of the fire, an estimated 200 volunteers were on the scene using five aerial ladder trucks. But the battle was not easy.

French said, "We were pouring water on it anyway we could but with it all collapsing on top of itself it is hard to get in between the floors and the roof."

Fire marshals think the fire started on the first floor, but debris in the area slowed their investigating. They hope to be able to pinpoint the cause if they can get better access.

Three tenants who were in upstairs apartments all managed to get out safely.

The first floor was being renovated into a new brew pub.

Building owner Rod Miller had been helping with the project.

He said, "We've been pouring our hearts and souls into it for almost two years trying to get it ready and we were about 6-8 weeks from being ready to open and this happens, devastating."