This weekend, the North East public safety community is welcoming its neighbors to come meet police, and the members who serve the community.

North East Borough Police are hosting the second annual public safety event, in the parking lot of North East High School.

It's to raise awareness to the opioid and drug epidemic, with the hidden in plain sight drug awareness trailer, but also a chance for families to come out and meet the men and women who serve them.

The whole idea is to have families come out, and have a good time with police and fire fighters.

There will be various departments, police K9s, bounce houses, free food, music and a petting zoo, “We're going to have drug dogs, we're going to have possibly a bomb dog, we'll have bounces houses, free food, the fire department is putting on some different stuff, we're going to have a stage, music, even a petting zoo,” said Lt. Daniel Schenk with North East PD.

Lt. Schenk says it's also about meeting police other than when something bad happens, “What we don't want is for kids to have that negative view of us, when we come and have to do something with a family member or something, so really the idea is to bring them down, and let them know that we're just human beings just like everybody else, and let them have a good time and get to know us and hang out with people who serve the community.”

Public Safety Day is being held in conjunction with the North East area’s Community Garage Sale.

Public Safety Day is this Saturday, May 18th from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the North East High School parking lot, it's free and everybody is welcome to attend.