A lot of pressure on Millcreek Supervisors today to reconsider their decision to cut the township funding to the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority or EMTA.

A big crowd, including many people from the disabled community turned out.

They are worried the decision by the township to cut its annual funding from $20,000 to less than $3,000 could mean cuts to Millcreek bus routes.

They are especially concerned about funding for the LIFT para-transit service.

Supervisors said the cut was made because other municipalities were paying nothing, and they wanted more information about how the money is spent.

After the meeting, it appears supervisors will soon meet with EMTA as a first step to possibly reconsidering the funding cut.

Supervisor Jim Bock said, "T think all three of us as the board of supervisors are open to that. I think we're open to discuss the facts with the EMTA and their board as well."

The new boss at EMTA, did not say there would be cuts if the funding was not restored.

But he did not rule that out either.