Primary Election Day 2019 is now one week away, and there are a lot of contested races on the ballot.

From Crawford County Sheriff, to Erie County Court of Common Pleas, Erie city and county councils, several area school board seats, dozens of people will be vying for your vote.

Unfortunately though, Erie county tends to see low voter turnout for primary elections, but with the several important races on the ballot all throughout Erie county, election leaders are hoping that's not the case next week.

Many Erie residents we caught up with are eager to head to the polls, and have their say in who is chosen to make important decisions for our area, “It's important everything you vote for has to do with your city and state government, if you don't vote you really don't have any say in anything,” said Drew Codispoti of Erie.

Erie resident, Dixie Reid has done her research and is all set to head to the polls on May 21st, “I think it's important to be involved in our community and to vote for the people that I hope will do the best for our city and our county,” said Reid.

Erie County Clerk of Elections, Doug Smith says he’s hoping to see decent voter turnout this May, “The absentee activity that we've seen so far doesn't indicate that it's going to be a super busy day, but we're hoping as we get closer here, within a week's time, and the advertising starts to increase, that people will react and remember to come out and make these important choices,” said Smith.

“There are people around the world that don't have this privilege, this opportunity to vote for candidates in an open and fair way, and we're provided it here in this country and it's important that people don't take that for granted,” said Smith.

There are plenty of ways to inform yourself on some of the candidates ahead of Primary Election Day.

There's a forum this Monday night where you can meet and learn more about those vying for Erie city council.

The People's Forum is set for 6:00 p.m., Monday, May 14th, at the Erie Middle School Auditorium, nine people vying for two open seats will be there.