School Districts across Erie County are continuing its school safety effort.  The Girard School District is preparing students, staff and law enforcement by performing an active shooter drill.

"We're constantly focused on safety as a top priority," said school resource officer Tracy Dinger.

The drill was held at Elk Valley Elementary School in Lake City.

School resource officers, as well as Lake City and Girard police participated.

During the drills law enforcement learned how to approach different situations that may be thrown at them, such as a school shooting.

"Being able to think of something ahead of time and mentally prepare makes us more comfortable in our approach in how we handle that," Dinger said.

Both school leaders and law enforcement say they hope it never comes to that, but either way, they'll be prepared.

"We want people comfortable we want them to know where they're going, we can respond at any sign of something happening," Dinger said.