The West Ridge Fire Department received several new tools to help rescue people trapped in cars, because its old tools weren't cutting it.

"When it comes time to cut somebody out or remove a door, remove two doors, or remove a roof, you have to have the tools to do the job," West Ridge Fire Chief Jerry DeRosa said.

The department invested $68,000 dollars on new pairs of spreaders and cutters which will be place in two of its fire trucks.

The equipment is being covered by donations and grants.

"Everything in the fire service is expensive, there's no doubt about it," he said. "The thing is when you need it, it has to be top shelf."

DeRosa said advances in car technology made their old tools hard to use.

"The car manufacturers came out with this new steel and it's a lot harder than the older style cars," he said.

He said the department uses the tools as much as ten times a year for rescues, and that these new cutters will be more effective.

"It's gonna make all the difference in the world," Derosa said.