A door-to-door survey is being done in Erie's east bayfront neighborhood by City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember's administration to find out how to restore hope to the neighborhood.

Schember said it is a continuation of last summer's Summer of Hope project during a news conference Thursday morning.

The mayor himself walked throughout the neighborhood in August 2018 to talk with residents.

He found many people have lost hope with issues such as crime, blight, and poverty, so this year, he has hired people who live in the area to survey their neighbors.

Residents are being asked how they believe the problems can be solved.

The survey started in April, and team members said they have learned a great deal so far.

"A lot of people have concerns about crime and violence in the neighborhood and how we can reduce that," said Erin Carey, team leader for the Count Me In campaign. "A lot of them are talking about home repairs and activities for kids to do, especially where kids can play other than in the street. They're hoping for more green space, more parks areas."

They hope to survey 2,063 households by the time the campaign ends in June.