Crawford County voters will be casting their ballots on new voting machines in next Tuesday's primary election.

Voters can now practice using a machine set up at the county courthouse.

Meantime, 350 poll workers have been undergoing training, trying to make Tuesday's vote go smoothly.

The county spent $1.6 million to lease the new system which includes 200 tablets plus printers and tabulators to provide a paper trail.

That is a mandate from state government.

Some voters worry about delays next week.

Voter Alvin Eakin said, "It will mix them up a bit. They will be standing in line scratching their heads wondering what is going on here."

But poll workers do not anticipate big problems.

Terry Frawley, Judge of Elections in Spring Township said, "There are always going to be people asking questions. But the machines are very easy to use, and the whole process should go quite smoothly."

Machines with a paper trail are required by the state by 2020.

Crawford County is one of the few counties to be using a new system this year.