There is a unique new business in our region,

It is a bike repair shop on wheels.

It will come to you to get that old bike fixed and ready for the road.

Owner Alex Grennan has taken a former police SWAT van and turned it into his company, traveling around the area to meet customers needing help.

He said, "You go on-line, book on-line or contact me through e-mail or a phone call and we will schedule your appointment at your home or your business."

Alex was an aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Navy and worked in bike shops all over the country.'

He used his experience to cram the van full of the tools and parts he needs for just about any issue that comes up.

His goal is to handle repairs efficiently and quickly.

He said, "I guarantee a four day service. Eighty percent of the time I am fixing your bike on location within an hour or two. If you are asking for a complete overhaul I guarantee four day service."

Alex got the idea for his new venture from a friend who runs a similar business in Denver.

He says bikers have embraced the idea of mobile repair shops in other areas. He hopes Erie riders will follow suit.

For information or to schedule an appointment, check out the company's website,