This past weekend was fabulous!  Temperatures almost reached 90 degrees on Sunday afternoon.  The official high on Sunday was 89, falling just short of 90 degrees. This week will begin with chillier temperatures, but we'll finish the week with more warm weather.

A cold front moved through on Monday, leaving some fresh, cool air in place for Tuesday afternoon.  Temperatures will be chilly... we'll only reach around 60 degrees during the afternoon.  It could be worse, because it'll be sunny during Tuesday afternoon!

 Things will turn warmer on Wednesday as High Pressure slides to our south.  We'll get more of a southerly wind direction, warming all of us back into the 70's for the second half of the week.  The southerly wind direction is a warm wind direction for us.  Downsloping winds help areas along the lakeshore to warm very rapidly during the afternoon.

We will have a few more chances for showers and storms Wednesday and Thursday as another weather system approaches.  It doesn't look like we'll have major rain chances, but we will have storms around for the afternoon hours on Wednesday and Thursday.  Like always, we'll update you if things begin to turn severe.

 - Meteorologist Joe Curtis