We now know the two people who will be vying in November for Harborcreek Township Supervisor.  Both candidates separated themselves from their opponents while the ballots were counted election night.

Democrat Lynda Meyer ran against four other opponents and won with 33% of the vote.  She is a current Harborcreek Township Auditor and has been a teacher in the Harborcreek School District for 20 years.

"I really feel that the residents came out tonight more than in any other race because there were so many of us.  So i feel what I was able to say to them and how much I want to do for our township made a difference and I have a great team behind me,” Meyer said.

Her opponent in November will be Steve Oler.   Oler had only one opponent in the Republican Primary. Oler won with 80% of the vote. He spent primary night at home with his family and friends. Oler is a former state police officer and is a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

"I'm very proud of our team and the campaign that we ran. It was a tough campaign. We were out and about.  We hit everything that we could and we all just came together for a great victory tonight,” he said.


Meyer and Oler will be running in November for the seat to be vacated by Supervisor Joe Peck who is retiring.


Here are the vote totals for both races.


Steve Oler (R)          1067

Timothy Sonney (R)   264


Lynda Meyer (D)         608

Ronald Manna (D)       442

Connie Cruz (D)           375

Curt Smith (D)              200

Bob Troutner (D)           190