With the unofficial vote count now complete, the race for Crawford County Commissioner has been narrowed down to four candidates for the November election.

With all 68 precincts reporting, incumbent John Christopher Soff received the most votes on the Democratic ballot for Crawford County Commissioner.

The former Meadville Mayor, city councilman, and Crawford Central School District director is seeking a second four-year term.

Soff says his top priority moving forward is to finish renovating the Crawford County Courthouse.

 "It would be making sure we do reoccupy the top two floors of the courthouse,” said Soff.  “Whenever we do that, we save the county about $250,000 a year, so that's an important thing to do."

Democrat Dan Hunter will also be on the November ballot.

The former owner of Cobblestone Cottage Floral and Gifts says his top priority will be to make better use of the Crawford County Fairgrounds.

"The use of space or making of space, really is what the idea is,” said Hunter.  “It's used now, and we know it can be used more.  So, what does that take?  That's something we can find out easily, just by talking about it."

On the Republican ballot, Meadville Ambulance owner Eric Henry received the most votes in the primary.

Henry’s top priority, if elected commissioner, is fiscal responsibility.

"I’m just trying to keep some business practices towards government,” said Henry.  “Trying to see if we can keep some spending down, and keep our county moving forward."

Republican incumbent Francis Weiderspahn also secured a spot on the November ballot.

Weiderspahn is seeking a third term, where he also hopes to complete the Crawford County Courthouse project.

"That would be the main thing, to finish the renovations,” said Weiderspahn.  “That was all part of the process of building a new judicial center, and to get those outlying offices all back right here at the Diamond."

With Crawford County Commissioner John Amato choosing not to seek another term, that top three vote-getters in November will make up the commissioner board beginning  in January of 2020.