(ERIE, P.A. - WICU/WSEE/CW) - Would you welcome the ability to vote in an election, just by using your cell phone?

With the Pennsylvania primary elections behind us, we wanted to know if this type of technology would motivate people to cast their vote.

Just 21 percent of people in Erie County showed up to vote on Tuesday, and we spoke with two Erie voters to see if using the phone would change their mind.

“For me, I just think I wouldn't want to do it." said Isiah Baez

 “That's not something I’d really like to do." Tobias Brown said

Both told us phone voting may be the future, as it could appeal to a younger generation.

"They're so attached to their electronics and their devices, I feel like it'd be convenient to vote online.” said Baez

"They don't have too many qualms about putting their credit card information or most of their information into their phones from their everyday lives.” said Brown

But, for now, they say the technology could be a safety hazard, as it could open the door for hackers to get access to your info, or even change your vote.


In an Erie News Now Facebook poll, 68 percent of voters said they’d welcome the new technology, while 32 percent would not.

Whatever the future of voting may be, both Baez and Brown say it is still important to vote.