The city's effort to crack down on code violations is now moving forward.

Erie News Now has learned that the city's quality-of-life ticketing program is set to greatly expand.

As of now, code enforcement officers have only been handing out quality-of-life tickets to those in violation of garbage pickup.

According to Erie Code Enforcement Manager Andy Zimmerman, since his office began enforcing garbage violations about two months ago, they've handed out a total of 37 tickets.

Those in violation are given a 24 hour notice to fix the problem.  If they fail to comply, they are then given a $25.00 ticket.

Zimmerman says the heads of six departments, including code enforcement, the fire department, and traffic engineering met earlier this week to finalize a list of 41 quality-of-life violations that they will enforce in several weeks. 

Along with high grass and snow removal, some of the other violations include dangerous trees, swimming pool violations, and illegal burning.

Zimmerman says that most people comply, once they are given notice.

"We give them 24 hours to correct the violation,” said Zimmerman.  “A lot of people are complying after we stop and talk with them.  It's more about the verbal communication, the eye contact, you know, ‘hey, you can't put your garbage out until a certain day,’  for the most part, people are complying, so we're happy with that."

The list of violations are as follows: