A family will be getting a new home thanks to the hard work of the community.

The home renovation was put on the by Community Shelter Services and their Homeward Bound Program. The project was a two year process for the organization. The former resident passed and the home was donated to community shelter services by his daughter.

Many volunteers from the community including a maintenance crew from CSS, Green Thumb Industries, and the Erie Rise dispensary helped every week with the remodeling of the home. Now that the renovations are complete, the new family currently living at the shelter will be moving in on June 1st. A great gift for that family and a maybe an even greater day for the community.

“I love my neighbors in Erie they're fantastic, they will pitch in and help, all you've got to do is ask, we ask a lot and they give a lot,” Executive Director of Community Shelter Services Mark Alexa said.

This is the sixth renovation the group has completed. In the near future they plan to work on remodeling foreclosed and blighted homes for families in need.