The clock is ticking on Wabtec and Union workers to reach a new contract agreement.
The current negotiating period expires June 3rd.

According to a statement released from Wabtec to us Friday, they're hoping Union local 506 and 618 will find the following conditions reasonable, so the company can move forward.
Wabtec says, throughout all their proposals, they have never asked current employees to take a pay cut.
Instead, they want to hire all new employees at $22 an hour, but offer them a plan to progress to the higher wages.
Wabtec also says, their current proposal provides high wages, meaningful benefits, safe working conditions and rewarding work.
This would include the average $35 an hour pay to all current employees, overtime premium pay after eight hours and double time after 12 hours, a standard Monday - Friday work week, and up to five weeks paid vacation based on years of service.
Wabtec hopes these conditions among several others will be considered fair and reasonable, so they can come to an agreement with the union.