Lendio is a national lending marketplace providing funding to help small businesses.

The company has 60 franchises around the country, including one in Erie.

Local franchise owner John Fee said the company is all about giving businesses plenty of options to get the money the need.

He said, "What Lendio does is we would help match you to a good lender. We work with over 75 lenders that are nationwide. We provide the small business owner with a lot of options in a quick easy manner."

Lendio also provides financial advice.

Jon Edwards, owner of New York Bagel & Deli said, "Just leading us down the right path for different things and trying to avoid some pitfalls and save time."

John Fee says the company is there for firms needing help. And to help the Erie region grow in the future.

He said, "So I really see us as a part of that puzzle of Erie growing and Erie developing. That is how I see it."