Tires for Less on West 12th Street has been selling tires and providing service for cars and trucks since 1992.

The focus of the business is on tires. But the ten employees also do all kinds of service work.

Owner Norm Loesch says the success of the business is customer service.

He said, "You've got to know your customers, what they need and what they want, and fill their need."

Bruce Rosenthal is a loyal customer. He says the employees keep him coming back.

He said, "Great service, the guys are good. They will tell you if something is wrong. They will tell you the right thing."

Most new customers start coming to Tires for Less through referrals.

Some from friends, many from family members.

Loesch said, "I think we have developed such a base to the point where i am seeing grandfathers, sons and grandchildren that are bringing their cars in now, from back in the beginning when we moved here."

They come because the shop can handle just about any of their service needs, and sells all sorts of tires from many different brands.

Loesch said, "There is not a tire out there i can't get one way or the other."