Area farmers are hoping for sunny, warm weather.

Key crops are being delayed because of weeks of cool, wet conditions.

Today was the first day of strawberry picking at Mason Farms in Lake City.

That is about two weeks later than usual.

And only the early variety, one of seven types of strawberries grown on the farm is being picked.

And the "pick your own" season that normally would be underway by now, will not start until next week at the earliest.

John Mason, Jr. said, "It is all up to Mother Nature and she is a little testy this year I guess."

Other key crops including concord grapes and sweet corn are growing slower than usual.

Mason said, "We usually start picking corn by the end of June. There is no way we will be picking corn this year by the end of June unless we get a lot of warm weather in the next 2-3 weeks."