The National Comedy Center in Jamestown will celebrate its first anniversary this summer.

And the unique shrine to comedy continues to get positive reviews.

Attendance figures will not be released until later this summer but people of all ages have been checking out numerous displays and 50 exhibits, virtually all interactive.

Downtown restaurants and hotels say they have seen an uptick in business because of the increase in out-of-town visitors.

Sam Lisciandro, Manager of The Pub said, "We see numerous people everyday, from out-of-town, people from in-town, people from day trips coming to Jamestown for the Comedy Center."

Visitors have come from all 50 states and at least 9 countries since the center opened.

Executive Director Journey Gunderson said, "We are thrilled to see we are having people come in from different states everyday. That tells us something about the seed being planted nationwide and worldwide."

The center will host the annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival August 7-11.

Headliners are Sebastian Maniscalco and John Mulaney.