A food facility inspection report has detailed the violations that the Erie County Health Department uncovered at Swanny's following a joint compliance inspection Wednesday.

The health license for Swanny's Tavern, which is located at E. 8 & Brandes St., was revoked until the violations and noncompliance issues observed are corrected, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

The inspector found the person in charge is not performing required duties because of multiple food code violations listed for the second time in less than one year. No food safety certification was also available.

Mold and mildew was found in the ice machine. There was also ice and broken glass build up in the beer cooler, and the bar area required cleaning, including the soda gun holsters and keg storage areas.

Items were stored on the floor, and ice scoops were left sitting on the ice machine and not properly put away. Cutting boards were also not easily cleanable. Milk was found in a cooler that was not 41 degrees or below.

Standing water was left in a mop bucket, and wet wash cloths were found on the bar.. Cigarette butts were also found on the floor in the kitchen. Grease buildup and cobwebs also accumulated throughout the kitchen and bar areas.

There were holes and chipped tiles in the floor, as well as leaking toilets in restrooms and a broken faucet in the women's restroom. No toilet paper was also discovered in one of the bathrooms.

The liquor license was also suspended for 10 business days because the Liquor Control Board found Swanny's was not operating as a restaurant as licensed. Multiple liquor law violations were observed and being investigated, troopers said.

State Police Liquor Control Enforcement, along with other members of the Nuisance Bar Task Force, have been investigating numerous complaints at the east Erie bar.

Several neighbors attended a neighborhood watch meeting in late May to voice their concerns about Swanny's Tavern.

Many neighbors complained to Erie News Now about the bar's patrons constantly urinating on their lawns, loud noise and music through the early morning hours, and shots fired.