PennDot is making an effort to preserve history on the site of a proposed roundabout in Erie County. The site on Oliver Road was once a wagon shop.
Agency officials say they wanted to conduct the survey prior to the major work on the intersection because they knew the site had historic value.

A PennDot historian tells us the wagon shop existed in the early 1850's and according photos, it disappeared before World War II.
Nathan Stafford was a life long wagon maker and lived right next door to the shop until he passed away in 1881. 

Architectural Historian, Donald Burden, says "We don't know what happened to the wagon shop after that. There isn't a lot of available data. It may have stayed empty or another wagon maker may have purchased it and continued the business. We don't know."

He went on to say, "That's what this is all about. Our research and determining what was here helps inform that design process."

PennDot will continue to remove important material and will keep digging until they find a change in soil. Once they find the change, the roundabout project will be underway there in summit township.