(ERIE. P.A. - WICU/WSEE/CW) - The process to remove and improve the turf at Erie’s Veteran Memorial stadium is ready to go.

The Erie School District approved a $434,000 bid from the Maine-based NET Sports Group, to begin working on the turf, which has not been renovated in roughly 12 years.

The turf itself caused some controversy earlier this year, over a debate on what the turf's midfield logo, and overall design would look like.

But after a vote, that issue was solved.

And now looking ahead, the district's director of operations, Neal Brokman says some fresh turf, and a fresh start will benefit every team which plays there.

"We know that when they take the field again in the fall, they'll be running on new turf that will show a little more school colors. “ Brokman said “So we're just overall excited about the opportunity that the student-athletes are gonna be able to get."

Brokman says the district hopes work can begin as soon as possible, with a goal of being done by mid-September.

The district has already made changes to the athletics schedule, giving them more away games to start the year.