From February to May, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman traveled to each of the state’s 67 counties on his marijuana listening tour.  After listening to residents give their input, he says most of them think it’s time to legalize recreational marijuana.

“A significant majority of Pennsylvanians are ready for legal cannabis. I would put that around 65-70%,” says Lieutenant Governor Fetterman.

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman toured the state to gather opinions on legalizing recreational marijuana. It took him a little less than 100 days to do so. The Lieutenant Governor says Pennsylvanians agree on a lot when it comes to cannabis.

They don’t want to see someones life damaged or their opportunities diminished for a position over a plant. That’s the phrase that kept coming up over and over, that it’s a plant. A plant. It’s not a drug,” Lieutenant Governor Fetterman explains.

Now that the listening tour is complete, Lieutenant Governor Fetterman will compile his notes from the 67 sessions, and the online submissions, which totaled over 35,000. He will then submit a report to Governor Wolf, and it will be released for all residents to see.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have done this. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience, and whether you were pro or con, to take the time to participate, I think people appreciated that fact, and it’s an important subject here,” the Lieutenant Governor says.

The recap report from Lieutenant Governor Fetterman will be made available to the public once it’s finished. He said it should be released within the upcoming months.