We have something different in this week's Giving You the Business.

We are turning the spotlight on ourselves.

It is the 70th anniversary of the WICU-TV.

Seventy years of serving Erie and the tri-state region from our studios on State Street.

General Manager Pam Forsyth is in charge of the operation.

She says it is a big responsibility.

She said, "I feel that is is important to continue on with the traditions that we have."

WICU was one of America's first television stations.

Owner Edward Lamb breaking ground in 1948 on upper State Street.

In the early years, the station aired all sorts of programs like the popular Pappy Show.

Announcers weren't limited to just news, sports and weather. They also did live commercials.

But their primary work was on newscasts.

Anchors included Dave Forsyth, Ned McGrath, Hyle Richmond and Bill Knupp.

Current anchorman Mike Ruzzi worked with many of the pioneers at the start of his career.

He said they all had a drive to succeed.

He said, "{Everyday was like the Super Bowl for them, the way they dress, the way they acted, how they went after stories."

Lisa Adams who has been covering news since 1978 for WICU-TV says the business is always changing.

She said, "We are not just learning about the stories we cover, we are learning about the changes in technology. We are pushed all the time to use new tools to tell the stories we tell."

The station has also stressed community service since it signed on in 1949. And that continues to be a priority.

Mike Ruzzi said, "Everyone has a certain cause they believe in or a certain charity they believe in. they go out and do it. It has been that way since day one."