Pollution violations are still occurring at the Erie Coke plant.  Another violation was reported yesterday by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. (DEP)

Those violations are occurring at the same time as the company wants the DEP to renew the plant's operating permit.

Erie citizens are fighting to make sure Erie Coke abides by environmental rules.  Some citizens are also defending Erie Coke believing the plant should be left alone because it's the home of 125 good paying jobs.

The DEP has issued 80 pollution citations to Erie Coke over the past two years and is frustrated with the company.

"We're not prepared to move forward on anything with the review of that permit, an issuance of any permit, until they have their compliance issues resolved," said Patrick McDonnell, DEP Secretary.

Ed Nesselbeck, Erie Coke’s new environmental director, is responding to Erie News Now’s week-long series on the plant. He sent an e-mail to Erie News Now. He wrote…

"Achieving environmental compliance for Erie Coke, though challenging, will be doable.  I just look for cooperation and patience from all the stakeholders. The plant didn't get this way overnight, and we will not achieve our goal by tomorrow. All the same, I am very optimistic.”