The Tipsy Bean Coffee and Cocktail Cafe has quickly become a fixture in Erie's hill district since it opened last November.

It has a big city feel and a unique, comfortable atmosphere.

Owner Gisele Littrell wants her business to be more than just a coffee shop.

She said, "We really want to have a social environment where people feel comfortable staying for 30 minutes or two hours to read a book or have fun with friends while enjoying a cocktail or coffee."

Several nights a week, customers can relax while listening to music.

Littrell said, "We don't really focus on any one given type of musical talent. It could be somebody playing a dulcimer, rock, electric music or our favorite acoustic style stuff."

Of course the foundation of the cafe is the coffee.

Tipsy Bean sells many different types, locally sourced from Millcreek Coffee.

Littrell said, "They are so great to work with. We are able to get deliveries bi-weekly, so that everything stays extremely fresh which is the main component to having a great cup of coffee or espresso."