Former Ohio Governor John Kasich kicked off a week of conversations at Chautauqua Institution called "Uncommon Ground: Communities Working Toward Solutions."

Kasich served in elected offices for 30 years, and he ran for president on the republican ticked in the 2016 primary, but his message at Chautauqua wasn't about presidential politics.

His focus was on reminding the audience that it's people who make the difference in their communities every day.

Chautauquans we talked to said they were inspired by the message to do more.  But they did want to know if Governor Kasich might still be a candidate for president in 2020.

When the question was posed he declined to rule it out, but said at present he just doesn't see a path to election. "I really don’t know what my future going to be, but I can tell you this, all my options are still on the table for politics," Kasich said, "but what I’m not going to do is put myself in a position where I don’t have a path."

Some told us if Kasich does see a path he'd have their vote. Ida Margolis of Naples, Florida said she's always been an independent and he resonated with her in 2016. "I certainly would like to see the kind of change that he could bring so I definitely would like to see a path for him."