The fate of Erie Coke remains in limbo as the courts may have to decide if it should close after numerous air pollution violations. Not long ago, people in Tonawanda, New York were going through the same scenario as Erie.  They must decide now what to do with a closed coke plant.

The Tonawanda Coke plant was once bustling with employees who operated the hot ovens that produced the important material used in steel manufacturing.

The only people there now are employees of the Environmental Protection Agency who are developing a plan to clean-up the contamination.

Meanwhile, Tonawanda town government must someday decide what to do with a former coke plant that needs a major clean-up.

Town Supervisor Joseph Emminger is thinking big.  He wasted no time in proposing that the property be the site of the future home stadium for the Buffalo Bills. While in Tonawanda today, Erie News Now asked one Bills fan what he thinks of the proposal.

"The parking lot is definitely big enough for the stadium.  It could definitely fit everyone comfortably. But it just doesn't feel right. It's not anywhere near the actual city.  It's still on the outskirts and that's a problem with our stadium in Orchard Park right now. It's nowhere near the city.  At the same time, it would help Tonawanda.  It really wouldn't help us in Buffalo”, said Buffalo resident Anthony Pryor.

There is a lot of talk about a new stadium for the Bills.  Most of the discussion lately has been focused away from Tonawanda.  According to the latest reports this week, if a new stadium is built, it most likely would be built in Downtown Buffalo.