A Voodoo-branded brewpub plans to open in the Cleveland-area this summer, according to a Facebook post by Voodoo Brewery.

The independently-owned pub will be located at 2279 Lee Rd. in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Not only will Voodoo fans be able to enjoy the brewery's year-round selection of beers, but pub exclusives will also be available, as well as the same "eclectic pub fare" served at the brewery's other locations.

"Throughout our 13-year history, we have always had a commitment to our loyal regional fans and we cannot wait to bring our world class beer, quirky personalities, and relaxed atmosphere to Cleveland Heights and greater North East Ohio Community," a statement posted to Facebook says.

"We would like to thank the city of Cleveland Heights and all other community stakeholders for their hard work and dedication toward this project. We cannot wait to have a beer with you soon!"

Voodoo Brewery, which started in Meadville 13 years ago, has since expanded to Homestead, Erie, Grove City and other locations.