Firefighters in Erie are getting a chance to ward off any potential injuries from the job, with a collaboration with LECOM Medical Fitness and Wellness.
Dave Hopkins, the director of the center, held mobility screenings for members of Firefighters Local 293 on Tuesday. He's a former marine and specializes in strength conditioning for military personnel and first responders. 

Trevor Doust of Local 293 says, "This is a huge safety benefit for everyone on the fire department, not just on the fire grounds, the work that we do there, but the day to day activities of all our station duties and all all medical calls as well."

Hopkins says, "We're going to prescribe corrective exercises to each person and any inconsistencies they have or imbalances they have, We have certain strength movements and stretches and mobility movements that they can do on their own time to help alleviate the stresses on those areas." 

The Tuesday screening was at the Central Fire Station on 12th Street in Erie. Next week, the mobility screenings will be held at the South Central Fire Station on Peach Street.