More than 100 kids are taking part in a unique camp this week at the Erie Humane Society.

It's the second year for "Camp Rescue."

Elementary and Middle school-aged kids are split into three separate age groups and learning all about pet wellness, ad all the shelter does.

They're doing scavenger hunts, spending time with the animals, meeting with cruelty officers, veterinarians, agility trainers and more, “We're really happy to provide them an educational component and give them a little fun, they're working with the cats, they're playing with the dogs, they're learning about medical care and what it takes to really have a healthy animal and what they need, to be great pet owners,” said Nicole Bawol, Erie’s Humane Society Executive Director.

It’s a way to share the shelter’s mission of helping to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home needy animals in the Erie community, “It's a great opportunity to showcase what we do in the rescue industry and we're really proud to be able to host a camp like this,” said Bawol.

The three-day camp runs through Friday, it's open for animal enthusiasts between the ages of 7 and 14. If you missed this year, they plan do to it again next summer.