Right now, cruelty officers with Erie's two largest animal shelters are dealing with separate cases of animal cruelty and neglect.

In one case a dog is abandoned, in the other, the dog's owners weren't properly caring for their pets.

Erie Humane Society Cruelty Officers Brian Carroll is looking for whomever abandoned a pit-bull puppy earlier this week.

Someone left him overnight Sunday in a wire kennel, on the side of the road along east 14th street, near Parade, in Erie.

It took half an hour for officers to get the scared dog out of the kennel, “If you don't want an animal, shelters such as the A.N.N.A. Shelter, The Humane Society, Because You Care, they're willing to take in animals if you can't keep them, you can't take them, or you’re moving, whatever reason, abandonment is never the option,” said Carroll.

Carroll is investigating the case, trying to track down the dog’s former owner. If you have any information, you're asked to call the Erie Humane Society's Cruelty department at 814-835-8360.

And the A.N.N.A. Shelter’s cruelty division got a call about two dogs, not being properly cared for at a Millcreek apartment home.

A picture of the neighbor’s concerns also ignited outrage on social media. The owner of two dogs, a one year old and a 9-week old puppy, left them locked in a kennel without water on the hot cement Wednesday morning.

The owner surrendered them to the A.N.N.A. Shelter, "They were keeping them in a wire kennel out on their concrete patio, so you could imagine the dogs out in the hot sun, the sun reflecting off the patio, it was very warm," said Eric Duckett, Humane Police Officer with the A.N.N.A. Shelter

Both shelters are now using these cases as a educational opportunity to let people know the dangers this weather poses to their pets, "Once we hit that 80 degree temperature even in the shade it can be very warm for the dog, so make sure your dog is staying cool, look out for signs of distress, lots of panting, tongue hanging out, tongue changing color," said Duckett.

"With the temperatures getting hot, leaving animals outside is never a good choice, we ask them to be brought indoors, but if they are going to be outside, water access to shade is always a big thing," said Carroll.